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We offer full-service campaign management services for campaigns that need it.  We can manage campaigns from city hall to Congress.  We will oversee all aspects of the campaign from field to fundraising to compliance.  This will free the candidate up to be the candidate.


A campaign manager is an integral part of any successful campaign.  It is essential that someone oversees the overall operation to ensure that all the different pieces are working together and are on the same page.  We have the experience to make this a reality for your campaign.


Any campaign must be able to communicate a consistent and persuasive message to the voters.  We can help you develop a message that reflects who you are and simultaneously resonates with your voters.  We will then help you get that message out through multiple media.


We can help with literature, speech writing, email, social media, and press relations.  We will work with your campaign to ensure that the messages going out ion the various channels are consistent and reflective of what is on the minds of voters at that time.


A campaign's compliance with campaign finance law is an important, but often overlooked, part of any successful campaign.  Campaign finance law has many details and deadlines that can slip through the cracks in a busy campaign.  Let us keep your campaign in compliance so you can focus on voter contact and other critical aspects of your campaign.

Whether you simply need someone to file your disclosures or you need full treasurer services, we can take care of it for you.  We are well-versed in federal compliance, be it House, Senate or PAC, as well as Georgia state compliance law regarding state, local, or PAC disclosure.


Let us worry about compliance so you don’t have to.



You need know who your voters are. Campaign resources are valuable so you don’t want to waste them trying to reach voters you can’t win over. We can help identify who you voters are, and who are the voters you might be able to win over.


We can help you prioritize where to use the various voter contact tools at your disposal such as door-to-door, mail, and calls. We can train your staff on the most effective way to use tools like VoteBuilder. We can help in creating walk and phone lists and scripts, cutting turf, and making sure the data collected is saved for further use.


No campaign will be successful without an effective fundraising plan.  It takes money to run a campaign.  We can help you develop a ambitious, but realistic, plan to raise the money you need to effectively reach you voters.


We can help you obtain lists, write call time scripts, plan events and track the money that comes in.  We can help you set up your online donation platform and integrate it into your website and social media.  We will make sure that your finance team and your Treasurer work together so that your campaign is compliant with applicable campaign financed law.


A necessary part of a well-run campaign is the task of getting noticed. Projecting professional, likable, and attention-getting  imagery in visual communications is key, especially in our electronic and mega-information age. 


A cohesive plan that designs  information and images so that they are easy to navigate and understand at a glance can mean the difference in voters taking in your message and overlooking it.


Together with our partner, Evolve Arts, who represents 25 years of graphic design experience, we can provide the services you need, such as a comprehensive design plan, a logo, social media graphics, literature design or web design.



People with disabilities make up 20% of the population.  They are the largest minority group in the country.  When you add to that number family members, loved ones, friends, and caregivers, the number swells.  Making sure that your campaign reaches these voters is critical. 


We can work with your campaign to make sure it is as accessible to people with disabilities as possible.  We can help to ensure events, websites, social media, and staff and volunteer opportunities are welcoming to people with disabilities. We can also help you develop messaging that addresses the needs and concerns of people with disabilities.


Every campaign must have an effective social media presence.  There are multiple platforms available and each one has a different audience.  Knowing how to use each one can help your campaign reach a broad audience.


We can help you determine which platforms make the most sense for the voters you are trying to reach and then develop messaging, graphics, and advertising for those platforms.  We can help you use these platforms to assist in your fundraising efforts.



Together with our partner, VocalFi, an industry leader, we can set up a telephone town hall where you can reach thousands of voters at one time in a controlled interactive setting.

Telephone town halls allow you to dial thousands of targeted voters at one time, have a scripted, controlled, and interactive conversation with them.  You can take polls to see where they are on issues.  When the event is over you get a detailed report of who participated, if they had a question and what it was, and any voice messages left for you.  Voters who live answer get the opportunity to join the call.  Those who don’t get a voicemail telling them you tried to reach them.

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