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As an avid Democratic Party activist, I have worked in campaigns at all levels - from city council to presidential - for more than forty years. During that time, I have had the honor to serve in many leadership roles in the Party.

Politics is a relationship-based field, and sensitivity is key. Throughout my decades of participation, I have had the opportunity to develop a fine-tuned feel for the kinds of choices campaigns must intelligently weigh when deciding on the best strategies for communication and success, as well as for managing expectations throughout the process.

Legally blind since birth, I also have long been a disability-rights advocate. I understand that all people deserve a voice in government and have fought to make sure that is so.

The foundation of my political experience is a bachelor of arts degree in political science and a minor in communication from Georgia State University, and it includes studies at the University of California, Berkeley.

My desire is to help those willing to serve in our political system make the world a better place for all.